cPanel Vs Plesk: What are Web Hosting Control Panels?

Web hosting panels are web-based interface that are issued by web hosting service providers to enable the website owners to take control of their servers. Website owners will be able to conduct administrative processes and other advanced responsibilities like server migration. cPanel and Plesk are the top webs hosting control panels that most people in […]

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Linux Vs Windows for Web Hosting

Linux and Windows are the top contenders when it comes to the operating system of a computer. The choice made will determine the level of interaction with the system as some applications will be available in one system and the other will not have them. There are also some instances where one of the OS […]

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GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost Vs GoDaddy: Which is the Best Hosting Provider?

Control Panel: GreenGeeks and Bluehost use Linux for their web hosting whereas GoDaddy uses both Linux and Windows. Spam protection: All the three website hosting have security measures in place to ensure that there will be no threats on the websites hosted on their servers. This guarantee is not assured especially for the shared web […]

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