cPanel Vs Plesk: What are Web Hosting Control Panels?

Web hosting panels are web-based interface that are issued by web hosting service providers to enable the website owners to take control of their servers. Website owners will be able to conduct administrative processes and other advanced responsibilities like server migration.

cPanel and Plesk are the top webs hosting control panels that most people in need of server management tools prefer.

cPanel was the first control panel to hit the market in 1996 and as a result, more people prefer using it. Plesk came into the market in 2001 and since then, the number of people using it as a web hosting control panel is increasing.

For a better understanding of the two most popular control panels, here is a comparison between them:

  • User interface: Plesk has an interface that is more streamlined where the features are listed on the left-hand part.

cPanel, on the other hand, looks clustered as the features have not been arranged in an orderly manner. However, there is an option of customizing the homepage where you will be able to arrange the features in a way that it will be easier to locate them.

  • Performance: cPanel has optimized their performance which makes it load faster compared to the time. As a result of the reduced memory requirement, the loading time on the cPanel is faster which means that you will be able to create an account or run other management tasks much faster.
  • Security: Both cPanel and Plesk have adequate security measures in place to ensure that the websites that will be using the control panel will not be at a high risk of being hacked by cybercriminals.
  • Availability: Plesk control panel is accessible to those using the Window server as well as those using Linux. cPanel control panel is only accessible on Linux Servers though there are people that use shortcuts to run cPanel when using a window server.
  • Cost: Both cPanel and Plesk have 3 pricing plans where the user will have the opportunity to choose what he prefers based on his needs and the budget that has been set aside for this purpose. For the cPanel, the cost will either be $15, $20 or $45 and for Plesk, the charges will be$10, 15 or $25 every month based on the plan chosen. Based on the above data, it is evident that cPanel is more expensive.

There is a support team for each control panel with the cPanel’s support team being available on selected times of the day and for the Plesk support team, you will be able to reach them at any time of the day or night.