GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost Vs GoDaddy: Which is the Best Hosting Provider?

  • Control Panel: GreenGeeks and Bluehost use Linux for their web hosting whereas GoDaddy uses both Linux and Windows.
  • Spam protection: All the three website hosting have security measures in place to ensure that there will be no threats on the websites hosted on their servers. This guarantee is not assured especially for the shared web hosting where a security threat on one website will affect all the websites on the shared hosting.
  • Money back guarantee: GreenGeeks, Bluehost, and GoDaddy offer a 30 days money back guarantee if the services offered will not be satisfactory. This is an indication that all the 3 platforms have faith in their operations and believe that their customers will be contented.
  • Cost: The cost of a shared web hosting plan on GreenGeeks is $3.95 per month, for GoDaddy, the cost per months will be $2.99, and the cost for a shared hosting on Bluehost is $2.95 every month. This puts GreenGeeks as the most expensive among the three platforms.
  • Storage: GreenGeeks and GoDaddy have an unlimited storage whereas Bluehost has a storage limit of 50GB.
  • Uptime Guarantee: All the three web hosting platforms offer an uptime guarantee of 99.99% to their clients. This means that the websites hosted on these platforms will be accessible at any time of the day or night. However, despite the guarantees, there are circumstances where clients have reported some disappointments at one time when operating their websites.
  • Customer support: All the three web hosting providers have a reliable support team that will provide help whenever called upon to do so. The support tem will be reached via phone, live chat or email.
  • Number of domains: GreenGeeks and GoDaddy hosting providers do not limit the number of domains that one can operate on their platform. For Bluehost, however, one can only have one domain.

GreenGeek, Bluehost, and GoDaddy have a standard plan which will cost less and is most ideal for those starting up and do not want to spend too much on setting up their websites. There are also premium plans where one will be able to enjoy dedicated or VPS hosting for their websites where a security threat affecting the rest of the websites will in no way affect their website. This will cost more but the quality of the services that one will get is worth the amount of money that will be spent in acquiring the hosting.

The reviews from the people whose websites have been hosted on these platforms are a clear indication of what to expect when you use either of them. Go for the one with the most positive reviews as it offers a better guarantee for your website.