Linux Vs Windows for Web Hosting

Linux and Windows are the top contenders when it comes to the operating system of a computer. The choice made will determine the level of interaction with the system as some applications will be available in one system and the other will not have them. There are also some instances where one of the OS will offer customized options which will be vital if you are a developer or an administrator.

Below is a comparison between Linux and windows so that you can make an informed choice for web hosting:

  • Stability: Linux is more stable when used as an operating system and since it is constantly being upgraded, it tends to be more reliable. It will be able to handle more than one user and processes at any given time.

Windows, on the other hand, is less stable and tends to slow down when it is being used by multiple users and when more than one process is ongoing.

  • Compatibility: Most web hosting companies use Linux and this means you will not have compatibility issues.

When you use windows for web hosting, you will run into compatibility issues as more people are using Linux.

  • Ease of setting up: Windows web hosting platform is easier to set up, unlike Linux which is more complex and will take a lot of time to set up.
  • Ease of use: Linux web hosting platform is mostly preferred for the more experienced since it will be more difficult to operate. Windows web hosting is much easier to use and can be used by a person who has no prior experience in web hosting.
  • Cost: There will be no charges to use Linux for your web hosting but when it comes to windows, you will have to pay a license to be able to set it up on your servers.
  • Security: Linux is considered more secure compared to windows.
  • Support: Since Linux is the most popular for web hosting, it will be very easy to find help if an issue arises. For windows, you have to contact Microsoft, a process that could lead to a lot of inconveniences especially if the issue was urgent.

When choosing between Linux and Windows for web hosting, it is important to know what you really want. You also need to know the budget that has been set aside for the task as well as the tools that you will be using for your hosting needs. If you want to provide an affordable hosting service, Linux is the best option since it is free and you will be able to charge as little as $5 for the services.